Ukulele – The Fastest Growing Musical Instrument

The trend of music is increasing rapidly. Music has always been a huge fashion in everyone’s life. There are wide varieties of musical instruments available globally. One of the most popular musical instruments is the ukulele. Ukulele is generally known as the smaller version of the guitar. If you are familiar with guitar then you will definitely fall in love with the ukulele. Playing the ukulele is quite similar to that of guitar playing. The main difference between guitar and ukulele is that guitar has much larger shape and mostly consists of six strings but ukulele is of smaller size and comprises of four strings.

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Types of Ukulele

There are wide varieties of ukulele available globally. Some of the common and popular ukuleles have been described below.

  • Soprano ukulele – Soprano Ukulele is one of the common and popular ukuleles. Soprano ukulele can be characterized by its small size and thin size. This ukulele usually consists of 12 to 15 frets. Due to their small and thin shape, this ukulele is very comfortable and is perfect for traveling.
  • Concert ukulele – Concert ukulele is slightly bigger than soprano. Due to its bigger size, it produces loud noise as compared to soprano ukulele. Concert ukulele is a popular choice for people with large fingers because there is more spacing between the frets. Concert ukulele usually comprises of 15 to 17 frets.
  • Tenor ukulele – As compared to soprano and concert ukulele, the tenor ukulele is much bigger and heavier. Tenor ukulele produces much louder and toned sound. This ukulele generally comprises of 21 frets. Gaping between the frets is much larger.
  • Baritone Ukulele – This ukulele is the biggest of ukulele family and usually consists of 21 frets. Baritone ukulele is very similar to guitar as you can convert it to the baritone. It is very easy and comfortable to play on baritone ukulele due to larger spacing between the frets. Baritone ukulele produces top quality sound as the sound hole is much larger as compared to another ukulele.

There are many other varieties of ukulele like pineapple ukulele, cut way ukulele, banjo ukulele, etc. which can be differentiated on the basis of their shape.

Material used in ukulele

Ukuleles are mostly manufactured from top quality wood. Koa wood is mostly found in Hawaii and is characterized by its unique grain pattern and color. This wood is generally used in the manufacturing of ukulele. Most of the strings of ukulele are made up of catgut. But nylon, polymer, and steel can also be used for manufacturing of strings.