The dry shampoo for blonde and brunette hair.

What is dry shampoo?

First, it is a magic wand which is able to turn to turn the Cinderella into the princess. Secondly, it is a brilliant invention. Thirdly, it is almost irreplaceable product for every modern girl. ┬áIt is most pronounced when one beautiful morning you understands that you oversleep and there is no time for hair washing and stacking. It is so convenient in use that it is not necessary to look for the water or the hair dryer. If you already decided to use this great product and looking for it here is the link where you can find the solution –
Dry shampoos make on the basis of starch or dioxide of silicon. These substances are sorbents which perfectly absorb the surplus of fat and dirt from hair.
There are two main types of dry shampoo: powder and aerosol sprays. However, there is a dry shampoo for fair-haired and dark-haired girls. So what is the difference?
Nowadays, producers do not stop innovative development process, and conduct researches, surveys, implementing on the markets new products for various types of hair. According to the statistics, fair-haired girls make more often the decision to use dry shampoo, than dark-haired. According to experts the dark hair girls afraid to use dry shampoos. The reason is a white raid at roots which gives to hair a gray-haired shade.
The fair-haired dry shampoo is specially formulated for owners of the light or blonde hair. This type of shampoo contains a small amount of a yellow pigment which is capable of adapting to a shade of hair and to disguise unpainted roots which are so hated by all “colored” blondes.
The dark-haired dry shampoo is developed for owners of dark and dark chestnut hair. Its action does not differ from original shampoo and this means by right is considered this find to comb out for those whom tires long a light raid at roots. Also, shampoo will help to disguise roots of a light shade and to save the situation if there isn’t enough at all time to descend to the master.
The method of dry shampoo application almost always remains the same:
Comb hair on all length;
Spray dry shampoo on all length, paying special attention to roots at distance of 20 cm;
Massage movements distribute shampoo on all head. Wait from 3 to 10 minutes (depending on extent of hair grease);
Voila! In a total couple of minutes, your hair is clear, fresh and volume!