How to professionally straighten your hair using a straightening brush

Many people around the globe; different genders; vast hair attributes. Talking about the human hair, it ranges from soft textures to very tough textures. This is a very important factor that is needed to be put into consideration when choosing the type of hair straightening brush.

To straighten your hair you must keep at the back of your mind that brushing is the best method that can be employed. Solely!!!!

Below are the 5 important step by step tips to professionally straighten your hair using a straightening brush:

Wash and dry your hair

The very first step to achieving a straight hair is to thoroughly wash and towel-dry it. Wash your hair with the suitable shampoo and conditioner that is best compatible with your hair type. This will ease you a little stress of straightening it. Once washed appropriately, towel-dry it thoroughly too up to the root of your hair. It is advised to towel-dry the hair with your head bent downwards.

Apply hair moisturiser

Hair moisturisers are very good and productive hair product that is worth using. It comes in different type and brand, choose the one that suits your hair best and apply to your hair. This will give a moisturising effect to the hair and prevents it from becoming dry and frazzled.

Comb out tangles

Make use of a wide-mouth comb to remove knots and detangle your hair as this will help to set a defined path for the hair. Comb from the upper root of the hair downwards, this will reduce breakage in hair.

Blow-dry roughly         

Get a very quality hair dryer and blow-dry your hair roughly. Make sure you focus on drying the hair root very well. Continue to rough dry till the hair can be observed dry physically to an extent.

Divide the hair into sections

Using hair clips, share the hair into preferably three sections. Sharing must be equally done to get the best result. The hair must have been about 80% dry, with this; the hair will be easily divided into sections; also, hair breakage will be prevented. However, there are different types of brushes that are suitable for different types of hair and this will however make it easy to do. If you would like to know more about the types of brushes and there purposes you can visit Brushed Straight, you can also place your orders there.

Use a suitable hair straightening brush

Get yourself a professional hair straightening brush that will do the perfect work for you, get the right prescription from a hair stylist. Remove the clips one after the other and get your hair brushed straight in whichever pattern you will like it to be.

Additionally, it is advised to use a dryer along with a hair straightening brush to get a better result. Then, apply some hair products to make your hair healthy and good-looking.