Just Bought a New Aquarium? Here’s How to Stock it

Your new aquarium looks beautiful, doesn’t it? You just can wait to stock with fish. Sure, the task ahead is exciting, but you have to do it right. In fact, the fish you choose will have a significant impact on your aquarium attractiveness (or lack of it). Plus, if you make the wrong choices, you may end up losing all your fish. But, that doesn’t have to be the case if you stick to these rules.

Choose Your Fish in Moderation

All the fish at the pet shop may look alluring, but you don’t have to buy more than three. Yes, you can only add more fish after you’ve determined that the aquarium is sturdy and that the nitrogen cycle is reliable. The same rule applies when buying fish for the next round. You have to remain modest at all times. The idea here is to avoid overburdening the aquarium with more fish than it can handle.

Choose the Right Fish

Not all fish will survive in your new aquarium. Don’t make the amateur mistake of purchasing particular fish because of the prettiness.  Here’s what should be going through your mind before you spend money on any aquarium fish.


    • Can the fish handle the water conditions in your new aquarium?


    • What does it eat? You’re better off with a species that can consume an array of foods.


    • How large will the fish be when it’s fully grown?


    • Can it co-exist with other fish species?


    • Is the fish docile?

As a rule of thumb, start with small fish and keep adding bigger species one at a time. Again, be careful with the species you add.

Tip – Never stock Tetras in your new aquarium. For starters, these are overly sensitive to water conditions and the probability is that they won’t survive past a couple of days.

Some of the best fish for a new tank include barbs, danios and rainbow fish. Catfish may be a good option but tend to overgrow. Goldfish, on the other hand, produce heaps of fecal matter, and you may require a big aquarium.

The one thing to remember at the pet shop is that you should only buy healthy fish. Some of the unhealthy signs to look out for include cloudy eyes, emaciated bodies, and wounds. That said, if you’re looking for a new aquarium, visit http://comeintothewater.com/ to check out some of the latest options for home or office use.