How To Buy The Best Bullet Proof Vest

Bulletproof vests acts as a safety item that has the abilities to absorb the impact, reduce, or stop penetration of bullets, weapons and other explosive materials into your body. Such type of personal armor is basically worn on the torso.

Wearing these vests give you privacy, security and an assurance of not getting harmed at dangerous areas.  These vests are often seen worn by police forces, bodyguards, security guards, citizens who are in danger of being shot such as national leaders, etc., soldiers, and rescue teams.

Due to its significance, it is very important to make a careful decision, when selecting a bullet proof vest for yourself. This article provides you important information on buying the right type of bullet proof vests that serves the best protection against all types of explosives.

Choosing one that fits you correctly

Your body armor should cover the central area of the body perfectly. An ideal bullet vest covers you from one to one and a half inches measuring bottom to up a portion of the breastbone, to one or two inches above the navel region. Its width should be from a two inches gap to one inch of the overlapping region where the front and back panels join.

Also, you need to look at aspects like comfort ability, body movement, protection you get by wearing it.  The opening of the vest should be rear facing. Too small vest won’t provide you the required coverage and protection and too large vest will shift from its place when being worn. Thus look for a proper fit as per your body measurements so that you get the best ever protection from your armor. Plate Carrier Zone is one of the best providers of bulletproof vests. Their quality professionals will help in finding the best match for you.

Types of threats to which it offers protection

Before investing your money on bulletproof vests it is important to know about the threats that it protects you from. Bulletproof vests are heavy and thick they stop vast number of powerful threats. Some of the types of threats are weapon threats like .223, 7.62X39, .556, .308, 30-06, pistol threats, and high powered rifles attack.

When should I replace them?

Body armor lasts long when taken proper care. Ideally, they come with five-year warranty. If you require them as a part of your profession, then get them replaced after every five years.  When using it for personal protection, if you find the panels of your vests are not flat, excessively moist, and saturated or have got submerged in water then you should replace it.

Bulletproof vests assure you a high amount of safety and protection. As it is a matter of your life, you need to do a proper research when selecting one for yourself. Your right selection will keep you unaffected from any calamity.