How to Be the King of Panini

A scrumptious Panini prepared in the comfort of your home makes all the difference for the day. These dishes have been around for centuries, and they continue being enjoyed in all corners of the country. The issue is not anymore about its popularity but how well you can make the Panini.

Here are a few tips to place you on top of the Panini craze, and make sure you come out smiling.

Choose the Perfect Grilling Method

A Panini press, like the ones extensively reviewed on Panini Perfect, might seem like the perfect and easiest appliance to use, but it is only if you choose the right grilling method. The appliance provides a wide variety of control in terms of the pressure and the heat that is supplied.

Not all Panini grilling methods are the same. You have to choose the one that suits your needs to get the right results. This all boils down to the frequency of use, and perhaps your taste.


You need to “take the Panini on a road test.” This means you need to try to experiment with the various kinds of fillings and bread so that you find what suits your taste. Do not limit yourself to the little Italian ingredients.  Try biscuits and pita as well as fillings such as apple. Use your taste buds as the guide so that you have fun with the Panini press.

Focus on the Crunch

What separates the Panini from regular sandwiches is the grilling. Grilled bread forms the hallmark of the Panini. You can come up with the perfect crunch by using various ingredients. You can make the crunch using common ingredients or decide to go healthy as well.

Handle Wet Ingredients Carefully

If you have ever served a soggy sandwich, you know what it means to have wet ingredients. As much as the ingredients can be wet, it does not mean that they are to be ruled totally out of the mix. All you need to do is to make sure that you reduce the moisture as much as possible for the Panini to be perfect. You can also avoid making a messy sandwich by placing the ingredients in the center of the sandwich.

Finally…Test them out

The only way you can test your Panini magic is if you hold a Panini party! Call in some friends and have them sample what you have prepared. This is the only way you can get the best opinion.