Do Helmets Go Through Any Sort Of Quality Test?

Buying helmet might look easy but it’s not as simple as you think. Often, we do not value our own life and buy helmets from the roadside vendors who sell low quality helmet which is nothing more than metal scrap. Before buying a helmet you should know the standards that a quality helmet should meet.

There are various parameters which should be fulfilled by any type of head gear before qualifying as safe. The helmet should be sturdy enough to protect the head of the rider from any extreme injury during any mishap. Therefore, helmets for different purposes are tested on different parameters. For instance, the standards set for sports helmet will not be same as those set for the construction helmet. Then, there are various organizations that issue and approve standards. However, the broad parameters set by all the organizations are similar. Typically, points which are considered while testing a helmet can be impact test, coverage, labeling, material to be used in the helmet, testing the strap, to name few of many. To get more details of the different quality checks visit the official websites of the companies that conduct test.

Impact test

During the impact test, the apparatus has a rig fixed that holds the helmeted headform. The rig drops this headform on the anvil, the frequency of which is guided. There are various rounds conducted in order to find out the vulnerable parts in the helmet and make sure that those limitations are done away with in the final product. Helmets are also tested under various room temperatures- Hot, cold and normal. This testing is done to know whether the fabric and the foam is reacting to different temperature or not. You will find that some foams cannot withstand extreme cold temperature and become very hardened while the others can bear any type of climate and whether condition.

Different types

Before, buying the helmet, make sure that you are aware of the type which is best suited to you. Definitely, you cannot wear a bicycle helmet on the bike and vice versa. Similarly, there will be different types of helmets for the rider and the one who is sitting at the rear of the bike. You can choose from different types of helmet such as full face helmet that covers the entire skull and also the chin. On the other hand, open face helmets do not give protection to the chin and are also prone to dust, insects when you are riding a bike. Whichever type you chose, never compromise with the quality and standards.