Create Healthier Sodas Using a Home Soda maker

We all love a cold soda on a warm day. Unfortunately, the drinks you buy from your local mall is loaded with artificial colors and flavors and packed with artificial sweeteners. Over time, consumption of these compounds might lead to negative effects on health. With a home soda maker, you can create a healthier alternative to the store-bought sodas. Because you are the one in full control of all the ingredients, you can avoid any artificial additive that might not be the best for you.

Fresh All the Time

Making your sodas from the comfort of your home allows you to come up with fresh beverages for your family all the time. You can choose the kind of ingredients that suit you and even experiment some more. Remember that the carbonate isn’t the issue; the main thing you seek to avoid is the numerous artificial ingredients that are found in store-made sodas that make them bad for your health.

The Replacements

Instead of using artificial sweeteners in the soda, you can use honey or real fruit to sweeten the drink. You can experiment with a wide variety of ingredients until you find what is perfect for you.

Once you decide on the main ingredients for this fizzy drink, the next step is to use natural flavorings to make the drink more interesting. You can use fresh mint to make the drink sweeter and give it a unique taste. You can also add some natural herbs such as ginseng to the drink. Apart from making healthy drinks, you will have fun mixing the different flavors and trying out new recipes. You can get a lot of inspiration from online forums dedicated to this drink.

The Water

You never know where the water used in making the fizzy drink comes from. When you have your home soda maker from Soda Serve, you have total control over the source of the water. You can use filtered water or any kind that you prefer. By using fresh and pure water, you have the peace of mind knowing that you are serving your family and friends the healthiest drink ever.


No matter what type of bubbly drink you prefer, using a home soda maker can be fun and refreshing. You have total control over all the steps of making the soda, and you can experiment with different kinds of ingredients. You are also sure your family is drinking a healthy and natural beverage all the time.