Cooking for Company

Have you ever been in a position where you have not only to cook for a group of people but also to impress them as well with the cooking? You might be hosting a dinner for the boss or your in-laws, and all eyes and taste buds will be focused on your cooking. When it comes to this, the cooking rules change. Don’t worry, with a few tips; you will have fun.


Know what you are planning o cook. It will be much better if you understand what the visitors can and can’t eat. The best way around this is to talk to people who have hosted the group before to get some tips.

For a big group, you need to estimate the ingredients you need for the whole preparation. You can estimate the quantities you need by using the family as a yardstick. If you are five in a family and you are expecting five guests, you can easily estimate how much food to cook.

Since you have set the dinner to be at a particular time, you need to cook the meal in advance. This means you start buying the ingredients early in the day and start cooking an hour before the guests arrive. There is nothing as inviting as opening the door for your guests only for them to be greeted by the sweet aroma of something cooking in the kitchen.

Have the Utensils Ready

This is the time to bring out the special china that you hide away from view. Since they haven’t been used for long, make sure you clean and wipe them clean before you take them to the table. Set up the table in advance so that the dinner is a quick affair.

Serve in style While Still Hot

You can make a big impression when serving the food. With the correct plating technique that meets the guidelines, you can impress your guests with the serving process. Additionally, serve the food while still hot so that the guests can enjoy the original taste of the food. A glass of wine will be a bonus to wash down a tasty meal.

Final Thoughts

Cooking and serving a group of hard-to-impress guests can take the gas out of you. Make sure you are well prepared right from knowing what to cook to choosing the best wine. Serve the food in style to show the guests your creative side, and you will have nailed the evening.