Care for your kitchen sink

Your kitchen sink is a heavy duty machine that must be hygienic all the time. The fact that virtually everything you do in the kitchen will need to pass through the kitchen one time or the other shows the influence kitchen sink has on us all.

To Pimp my Sink doesn’t need a lot of money, but few tips that will keep us all safe and living in good health are not too much to discuss in few lines. Regardless of your status in life, we all have a sink in our kitchens, though brands and types may differ.

  • Wash the dirt

Must people assumed that with all the soap and gallons of water that run through the sink that they supposed to be clean, but it is not so, food stains, soap leather deposits, rust, debris, oil, and water will all accumulate and cause water not to flow properly if you don’t act on time.

  • Sparkling porcelain

You can restore that sparkling white look back to your sink, by soaking a towel in bleach and lay it over the sink for thirty minutes and then rinse with plenty water. However, if you have colored sink, you can’t use bleach to prevent the color from fading, but you can use vinegar, and very mild detergent to bring back the sparkling look that you love to see.

  • Avoid scratches and stains

Instead of considering changing the kitchen sink, why not avoid unnecessary scratches and stain on your sink. You can do certain things to keep your sink from scratches like; laying a plastic perforated mat on the bottom of the sink to prevent scratches and protect your plates as well.

In addition, avoid acidic foods like vinegar, to stay long on your sink, exposure to acid can cause the sink to stain or change its color.

  • Baking soda best for cleaning solid surface

Most sinks are easy to clean, so don’t use chlorine or bleach to clean colored sinks, baking soda or mild detergents are mostly enough to keep your sink clean and looking great.

  • Use lemon juice to remove surface stains

Did you get your sink stained? No problem, remove those spots with mixture borax powder and lemon and dip a sponge into the mixture to scrub stained parts of the sinks and rinse with plenty water. It’s like a magical spell that works on all types of sinks.

  • Free your drain from clogs

Ensure nothing blocks your sink drain; you can pour boiling water and mixture of baking soda, and salt down the drain on weekly basis.

Your kitchen is not complete without a sparkling, clean and hygienic sink. Your health is important, just as you want your kitchen clean and attractive with inviting sink that stands out.