Best Lawn Mowers Available On The Internet

A lawn mower is a machine which is used mainly for cutting grass on lawns. There are various types of them but all of them differ in functionality. Some are better than others. Here is a description of the best lawn mowers at

Mount field HP164 -This one is suitable for small and also medium sized lawns. It is also hand propelled and very easy to star. On top of that it also has a grass collector which is removable in nature and five cutting positions which are pre-set.

Flymo Chevron 34C-This is mainly used by families since it is not complex in nature. It is very simple to operate and its simplicity makes it suitable for family use. It is equipped with a rear-roller and the grass-collector of a decent size. However it is very tricky to empty the grass box. One advantage of this is that it is cost friendly. This implies that it is affordable to most families due to its low cost.

Allett Kensington 14K-This is mostly used where striped lawns are desired. It is self-propelled in nature .It also has a blade which is easily removable and on which scarifiers or brushes are added. This model is highly used in the UK.

Hayter-R53S Recycling Mower-This is suitable where the lawn is large and it has long grass. It also has a rear gas collector and a side function. On top of that it has a recycle function. One advantage of this is that it automatically adapts to a person’s walking speed.

Honda HRG466 SK-It has cutting-heights and a grass bag. It also comes with a three-year warranty. It has simple controls and the grass-box is easily removable to refit and clean. It has no problems in starting or maneuvering it. However it is somehow expensive. It costs approximately 495Euros.It is mainly used by the high class people or those who want to take pride in the mower they own.

Kubota T1880-It provides a smooth ride mostly on bumpy ground. It also has a light steering. It performs its function very well without any failure.

Bosch Rotak 34R-This is suitable for tiny lawns as well as medium sized. It has also handles and a grass box which is stackable for easy loading and carrying. It is light in weight and it delivers a very high level of clean grass cutting.

The Handy-Tribute Large Roller Cylinder Mower-It is a quiet mower and it is very eco-friendly. This is because it does not rely on petrol or electricity. It is equipped with a back roller and a bladed cylinder so as to ensure modifiable cutting-heights and a grass collector which is easy to attach.

Black Decker 3 in 1 Mower-It performs a combination of can trim, mow and also edge smaller grass patches .It is available either corded or cordless models. It also has very high versatility.

Cobra M46SPE-It is a good looking machine which is ideal for every garden. It offers mulching, cutting, back discharge and grass-collecting. It also has a seven stage cutting height adjustment.