The Advantages of Inversion Therapy for Back Pain

The Advantages of Inversion Therapy for Back Pain

If you’re suffering from back pain, the most common treatment options are medication (e.g. painkillers and muscle relaxants) and massages. While the effectiveness of these treatment options is usually inarguable, inversion therapy – despite being less popular – is also worth considering.

Alongside reducing back pain, inversion therapy can improve your overall spinal health. Especially if you are suffering from chronic pain in your back, which can indicate an underlying problem, you might want to go with this treatment option.

Here is an overview of the other advantages of inversion therapy:

It Decreases Compression

Firstly, the fact that inversion therapy decreases compression is a big plus for people with back pain. Its zero gravity nature eliminates threats to your spine such as pinched nerves and vertebral fractures. Because of reduced compression, it can also prevent disability and paralysis.

It Improves Flexibility

Additionally, inversion therapy improves your flexibility. If you work at a desk, you happen to be in a stationary position for hours, and you are having difficulty bending or reaching for objects at elevated places, it helps. Just like certain yoga poses (e.g. headstands, plow pose, shoulder stands), it allows you to stretch your back.

It also improves your back’s strength. Through this method, not only are you actually producing additional protective fluid around your spinal discs, you are eliminating waste from the spine, too.

You may also have an inversion therapy session in the comfort of your own home. You may check out Free Your Spine for a list of the best inversion tables. Just be sure to consult with your doctor beforehand.

It Improves Blood Circulation

Poor blood flow to your back is also not going to be a problem because inversion therapy improves your blood circulation. Just like running, brisking, and other exercises, it gives your blood the signal to start moving around.

Moreover, inversion therapy boosts blood circulation by allowing certain parts of your body to get sufficient supply of blood. With the way the body is in a suspended (upside down) position, your body’s gravity shifts. Thus, your spine is able to receive traction, and at the same time, it eases off the pressure on your body.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, inversion therapy is advantageous. While it works to eliminate your back pain, it also treats other issues within your spine. Regardless of your chosen treatment method, it’s advisable to seek relief from back pain as soon as possible. Otherwise, the pain can exacerbate or worse, can trigger the onset of a more serious health condition.