A Must Read Guide on How to Choose a Tool Box

Choosing the correct tool box for storing tools you have is an important decision that every homeowner must make. The chosen toolbox should be big enough for storing your tools inventory and small enough for fitting it into a workshop or garage.

In case, you are looking for something portable, you can look for a toolbox, which has wheels and one pull handle so that it can be carried.  DIY Tool Chests has various options for various size and types of toolboxes that you can choose from.

Types of Toolboxes

Prospective buyers can choose from numerous tool box designs as per their requirements. However, prior to that, they must be aware of various types of toolboxes available in the market.

  • Large Stationary Boxes

Though most of the tool boxes come with wheels at bottom, these are really not meant for moving about the shop floor. The attached wheels are provided for facilitating the box’s placement and providing support for keeping the box away from the standing water or fluids.

Cleaning also gets easier with the assistance of wheels. Large stationary boxes are typically available in the large workshops or repair shops. People having large number of tools generally benefit from this kind of toolbox.

  • Roll Around Boxes

Upright tool boxes generally come with a bottom box having larger drawers to store bigger tools, and one top box having small drawers to store materials such as screwdrivers and wrenches. Such boxes generally can be left rolled or stationary short distances. These boxes are used in factories, auto repair shops and commercial businesses, which offer product repairs, and in garages or larger home workshop.

  • Combination Rolling Tool Box and Workbench

A tool box and workbench combination is available with a rolling box usually topped with a flat, large surface on the top.


The final choice of a toolbox rests with you i.e. choose one as per the requirement you have.