3 Tips on Engaging Your Child’s Creativity

One of the most challenging aspects of child-rearing is ensuring that your child’s creativity is not stifled. All children have innate creativity which can be suppressed if you take a highly rigid style of upbringing. Creativity helps in problem-solving and usually leads to better performance at school, and later in your child’s professional life. By proactively cultivating their creativity, you will be setting your children up for success in their later lives. So, how can you help them engage their creativity?

Through art and crafts

One of the best ways to encourage creativity in your children is allowing them to engage in arts and craft from an early age. You don’t need a particularly large budget to equip your kids’ art and crafts corner. You can start off with a few drawing pads and some affordable crayons and build up from there as your children get older. You should encourage them to incorporate bits and pieces from their surrounding environment (leaves, sticks etc) in their projects.

Art not only gives them a space to express themselves, but it is also one of the most effective ways to keep your kids busy when they get bored. Apart from engaging their creativity, you might be laying the foundations for your child’s successful art career.

Through video games

Most parents treat video games as a destructive, or at best worthless, habit for young children. And while video game addiction is a serious problem facing today’s youth, there is a thriving educational gaming niche. While these games offer entertainment, education and engaging your child’s creativity is their most serious objective.

Most of these games encourage parent participation, which means that you get to spend some fun quality time with your kids. You don’t need a powerful (and expensive) gaming computer; most children games have very minimal requirements regarding processing power and graphics. Your regular laptop or home computer will be more than adequate.

Through free play

All of us, as parents, want to be involved in our children’s life. While this is commendable, even encouraged, kids should not have all their activities structured for them. The best way to encourage your children’s creativity is to give them free play sessions where they engage in whatever play activities interest them and their playmates.

During free-play, children usually engage in role-playing, and creatively find ways of interacting with others and the environment around them. As usual, ensure that the play area is safe to minimize the risk of injuries.