3 Kinds of Instagram Users That You Shouldn’t Be Like

There’s a saying that goes something like you don’t need to please everybody. If people dislike you, you shouldn’t be affected by it and just continue living your life.

Well, that saying does make sense. However, you may want to lean towards a different mindset when it comes to the people belonging to the Instagram community.

While you may not please everybody there, you can, however, try to please many people. And if you want to be a permanent member of Instagram, you should really go out of your way to try.

Here are the kinds of Instagram users that you shouldn’t be like.

1. The Hashtag Crazy

Using hashtags is a powerful and effective way of raising brand awareness. So, make it happen.

Don’t go overboard, though. Instagram has a limit that mandates you not to post more than 30 hashtags.

Don’t break that limit. Also, don’t go anywhere close to 30.

Reason? It’s annoying to encounter posts whose captions contain mostly hashtags.

So, take note of this.

3-4 hashtags in one post will do. And make sure these hashtags are relevant to your post.

2. The One with Fake Followers

You will be admired if you have thousands of followers. But if those followers are fake, your admirers will likely flee.

It’s a turn-off. It sends out the message that you’re willing to pay for a temporary result — and a result that won’t benefit you in the long run.

Check out this article: https://fredharrington.com/can-you-buy-real-instagram-followers/. Here, you can read more about buying Instagram followers.

3. The Low-Quality Content-Poster

And posting content merely for the sake of posting doesn’t add points to your reputation either.

Instead, post with a purpose. This purpose may be one (or all) of the following:

    • Help increase brand awareness
    • Sell a product
    • Promote an event
    • Inform audiences of a cause

You’re actually just wasting time — yours and the community’s — if you’re posting content without a purpose. Think about it.

Instagram is visited by billions of people, and the majority of those people post content.

If someone views your content, it means he gave up about a minute of his time for you. It means that he could have viewed other people’s posts but he chose yours.

If your content is of high-quality, he is probably glad he gave up his time for you.

But if you posted low-quality content, he will probably regret going over your post. And he will probably ignore any of your posts from then on.

Final Thoughts

Remember that Instagram is a social network.

To fit in well in its community, you need to socialize with your fellow Instagram users. So, of course, you can engage in a much better social interaction if you’re a likable personality.