The Evolution of a Product

The History of Etching  Etching is not just a small industrial aspect that revolves around the end of the year holidays or Valentine’s Day. Etching is for giving someone you love a unique design and object you chose for me. But where did this trend originate? Before machines were made for this during the industrial revolution a traditional pure etching technique would use metal of a variety covered with waxy grounds resistance to acid. These meals are either copper, zinc or steel. The artist would use an oval-shaped etching needle to scratch off the ground. They will scratch at this ground until the metal is bare and exposed to create more designs. Evolution of Etching  It was a primarily old usage of printmaking that evolved into etching that has now grown into laser engraving. Laser engraving mechanisms are a wide range of designs. Laser engravings are mainly used during the end of the year festivities and times of love. You give someone a laser engraved gift and it is extremely valuable for all ages. Etching evolved into laser engraving due …read more